We look at each of your windows individually to understand your goals and meet your expectations.

Complete Restoration & Weatherization

  • Remove: stops, parting beads, upper and lower sashes, weights, pulleys and sash chain/cord.
  • Remove loose paint from sill and frame - repair sill and frame as needed - sand, prime and paint.
  • Remove loose paint from sashes.
  • Repair sash joints and other wood components as needed.
  • Sand, prime and paint sashes.
  • Remove loose paint from stops and parting beads or replace as needed - sand, prime and paint.
  • Replace broken glass as needed - re-glaze sashes.
  • Clean original glass, remove paint and adherents.
  • Replace sash chain/cord.
  • Install spring-bronze (or similar) weatherstripping in sash tracks.
  • Install silicone tubeseal on bottom of lower sash, top of upper sash and back of meeting rail.
  • Replace sash locks and lifts as needed.

Window Restoration Consulting

Are you considering taking on a window restoration project? Need advice, encouragement, a shoulder to cry on? OGWR is now offering on-site window restoration consultations. All aspect of a restoration will be discussed including: sash removal, working lead-safe, paint removal options, wood repair and weatherization. Discussion of materials, products and tools will also be covered. Contact us for pricing or to schedule a consultation.

Lead-Safe Certified Firm NAT-88245-1